0 The wealth around us S2E30   CR V bug out vehicle updatein it’s finalized form, the bug-out gear and the new storage setup with fishing rod holders. 23-25mpg is what i get consistently, with the ability to go from north georgia to well into S. Carolina on a third of a tank. With this new, more spacious setup i can carry not one but two 5-gallon gas tanks, effectively giving the CR-V twice it’s normal effective driving range. Under the floor is a table, a removable ice bin, a winch, pulley block and chain anchor with cable puller, roadside kit, socket set, extra fluids and an air compressor. The side storage compartments under the carpet contain bungee straps, cordage, tie downs and tire patches.

the CR-V is not a lifted chevy truck, no. it IS however, better than any car for an off road application. I have found it will do most things a chevy truck will and do them quite easily. I wouldn’t recommend going fast over rough or uneven terrain, but then again I wouldn’t recommend it in a lifted chevy either.

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  1. deepfriedking says:

    Rod holders, thats …
    Rod holders, thats classic. The problem with buggin out is everyone is buggin out, think I would rather hang tough at the house and bug out at my discretion months later. I watched a million idiots bug out when hurricane Ike came and well most of em ran out of gas on the freeway, LOL total nightmare. The press had them all in hysterics thinkin we were all gonna flood like Katrina in NOLA
    People are herd animals and herd animals are controlled easily with one dog.

  2. LeonRFpoa says:

    @unomas58 The 2500 …
    @unomas58 The 2500 can haul the CR-V at only a small drop in mileage, but the CR-V gets like twice the mileage as the 2500. You would go wherever, break out the CR-V and run a whole hunting season or two on a single tank of gas plus have a small camper with a built-in table and ice chest. I use the CR-V as my RV. It’s no joke, we can use it as a generator / shelter / scout vehicle because it is so quiet. it will handle up to a 1200watt inverter and run on idle for about three weeks.

  3. LeonRFpoa says:

    @unomas58 A chevy …
    @unomas58 A chevy would definitely spank my little car’s but it’s reliable like a civic and gets similar gas mileage. Huge passenger room and SUV versatility go a long way with the good ground clearance and upgraded suspension + 4wd. It’s like a cross between a jeep Cherokee and a Chevette =) It kinda reminds me of the AMC eagle wagon, if you can tolerate import thinking they are sweet cars. Luckily the co-host Hank has a 94 Chevy 2500 4×4 shortbed that has a trailer for mine.

  4. LeonRFpoa says:

    @kalif151byccrew …
    @kalif151byccrew Thanks bud. Ppl are holding onto these things lately. Here in atlanta there’s quite a few on craigslist. So long as the engine is good they are basically bulletproof for like 350k plus.

  5. unomas58 says:

    Great gear.Not a …
    Great gear.Not a fan of imports.

  6. kalif151byccrew says:

    I wish I could find …
    I wish I could find a CRV at a good price, I think allot of people watch your vid because it seems all those models jumped in price hahaha. Way to utilize space man!

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