0 Fret Saw MarquetryHow I do my marquetry inlay. Using simple hand tools I show how complex motifs are inlaid into veneer.

Duration : 0:5:53

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  1. GarageCrafter says:

    Fantastic. Thanks …
    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. wcswood says:

    thanks a lot!
    thanks a lot!

  3. Yaakov763 says:

    I use the same …
    I use the same technique. It is called double bevel marquetry. I just use scroll saw instead of a fret saw.

  4. wcswood says:

    @girlswannahavefun …
    @girlswannahavefun thanks for watching!

  5. girlswannahavefun says:

    thanks for posting, …
    thanks for posting, i love marquetry, very nice job. :)

  6. vintageguitarguru says:

    awesome inlays
    awesome inlays

  7. wcswood says:


  8. franky1pro1 says:


  9. wcswood says:

    Why, thank you! :)
    Why, thank you! :)

  10. szita2000 says:

    Nice chap. And you …
    Nice chap. And you are a very competent woodworker!

  11. wcswood says:

    Thanks, and thanks …
    Thanks, and thanks for watching.

  12. CtwoHfive0H says:

    Very Cool
    Very Cool

  13. wcswood says:

    I love it when …
    I love it when Heidi stops by. Definitely a great way to break up the work. thanks for watching

  14. gayouj says:

    “Hey, anybody home? …
    “Hey, anybody home?”

    “I’ll be right there…”

    ROFL, you can constantly hear that in my shop as well. Again, fantastic work. Would love to get into inlay and marquetry myself but I have to admit that it can be a little intimidating, time wise.

  15. wcswood says:

    The blade cuts at a …
    The blade cuts at a very shallow angle so that the bevel forms a wedge shaped inlay. This keeps it falling through the front. Think of it as making up for the wood lost from the saw kerf.
    Nice to meet you too!

  16. hunzedog says:

    i couldnt see how …
    i couldnt see how you were cutting on an angle though. i have heard of this technique but had never seen it. I also didnt ever think about the cross grain veneer trick. I use 1/8 thick woods on my stuff. its nice to meet you….thanks

  17. wcswood says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much. It is nice to be appreciated.
    It’s more fun by hand, too!

  18. hunzedog says:

    you do really nice …
    you do really nice work. Especially because you do it by hand…..super cool

  19. wcswood says:

    Thank you. Glad …
    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

  20. picklehead7 says:

    Quality …

    Quality vid!

  21. wcswood says:

    No problem, Thanks …
    No problem, Thanks for watching.

  22. GriffndorK says:

    Truly amazing, its …
    Truly amazing, its hard to find video’s of such quality and detail on the internet. And this one is free to boot.

    You’ve inspired me as well, time to buy some veneer.

    Thanks for the post.

  23. wcswood says:

    No problem, the …
    No problem, the fingerboards are a little tricky, but it is a breeze for the headstocks.
    Do you make your own veneer?

  24. trideciple says:

    Your technique has …
    Your technique has inspired me. I plan on using it in my next guitar build. Thanks!

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