2 Pond Excavation and Hand Tool TipsSimple How To Pond Excavation & hand tool Tips and Tricks from The Pond Digger Waterscape Construction team that will save you time, energy and money on your next pond construction project. Learn How To techniques on pond excavation and tips on how to use your hand tools effectively when digging your pond.

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  1. 10kpondguy says:

    see i should have …
    see i should have rented one of those electric jackhammers with the bit, my soil is heavy packed clay, with nasty roots……awesome vid guys.

  2. ThePondDigger says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the feedback. We’re here to help!

  3. lickthesofa says:

    Your videos have …
    Your videos have been exceptionally helpful. I’m still in the planning stages of my pond, but your videos have made me feel a lot more comfortable with taking on a project like this.


  4. Arteolike says:

    I really like the …
    I really like the quality and would like to know what camera you are using?

  5. K9TMD says:

    Yeah, worth every …
    Yeah, worth every penny of the hire cost

  6. ThePondDigger says:

    We actually had a …
    We actually had a small bobcat on location for a spell on this pond for chunking out a large section and for hauling the stone and dirt around the property. I know a great percentage of the viewers looking for tips will be using hand tools so we posted this video for their benefit. I really should use machinery more often than I do. Thanks for the comment.

  7. ThePondDigger says:

    You will have to …
    You will have to use a pick. It will take you longer but it will be like working out in the gym! Build nice muscle tone in your arms! Be sure to wet the area down well before digging. Hard clay is much easier to dig in if you keep it wet. MESSY, but easier to dig in. We are based in Redlands, California and the dirt here is RED CLAY!

  8. K9TMD says:

    Some great tools …
    Some great tools and tips guys. But…do you never use an excavator? The micro ones such as the Kubota U10 will shrink own and squeeze through a 30″ gap with ease. Coupled with a mini tracked barrow makes life a helluva lot easier. No critiscism intended, of coarse, just this guy trying to make life easier after 40 years of hand digging lol

  9. oOoRandomnessoOo says:

    If I’m not allowed …
    If I’m not allowed to use a jackhammer, how can I dig through hard clay? Even a little bit is hard to get through.

  10. ThePondDigger says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the comment!

    The Pond Digger

  11. lacarretadelamuerte says:

    great video
    great video

  12. ThePondDigger says:

    That’s the best …
    That’s the best compliment you could pass our way. We strive for the best in everything we do. I hope our information makes the construction on your pond smooth and easy.

    The Pond Digger

  13. gumper5242 says:

    I have been …
    I have been watching hundreds of lanscaping and pond making videos lately and you guys are the best. I plan on putting in a waterfall and pond some day soon.

  14. ThePondDigger says:

    We do have one of …
    We do have one of the coolest jobs in the world! I love going to work each and every day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    The Pond Digger

  15. ThePondDigger says:

    We have more on the …
    We have more on the way so stay tuned. Thanks for the rating!

    The Pond Digger

  16. ThePondDigger says:

    Thank you much!

    Thank you much!

    The Pond Digger

  17. JayRabzEnjoi says:

    You guys probably …
    You guys probably have one of the best jobs in the world, i would love to design and contruct ponds.

  18. Arteolike says:

    Good idea! And are …
    Good idea! And are you installing a bottom drain, with the skimmer or just one?

  19. Venrellin says:

    thnx for the vids …
    thnx for the vids keep them coming! 5 stars

  20. racingking46 says:

    Once again another …
    Once again another great video!

  21. ThePondDigger says:

    We are still in the …
    We are still in the middle of this pond build. The project is close to our headquarters so we are taking advantage and shooting as many HOW TO, tips and tricks videos while we are close to home. We will have another video of the project early next week on stacking your rock work in the pond.

    So we will post several more videos using this pond as demonstration pond. Stay tuned.

    The Pond Digger

  22. Arteolike says:

    Hey, do you have a …
    Hey, do you have a video of this pond completed? looks interesting! Please post a video of this completed pond!

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